November 7, 2018
Volvo Truck Center

During the ongoing project to connect the lubricant tanks at all Nordic Volvo Truck Centers to SiteInfo, we have now passed 8000 active measurement points.

“It was with joy and pride I personally participated in the installation at Finland’s newest, largest and most modern Volvo Truck Center In Vanda.” Sture Berg, Sales Director, Measure Connect Display AB.

“With SiteInfo, Volvo Trucks get an integrated remote monitoring that streamline transports, cut lead-time, and eliminate waste. The investment in automated level monitoring is fully in line with the core values of Volvo Truck – quality, security and environmental care”. Marcus Hällström, Business Manager Parts, Volvo Finland Ab.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Measure Connect Display AB
Sture Berg
+46 (0)155 20 96 22

Volvo Finland Ab
Marcus Hällström
+358 (0)10 655 5820

SiteInfo is a cloud based level measurement service that makes your logistics easy and more effective. Regardless the time, by simply using a browser, tablet or smartphone you will be able to read a multitude of information regarding your tanks. Without the need for onsite personnel you will always know the current volume of the product present in the tank. You will no longer have to deal with empty tanks, unnecessary deliveries and costly return handling.”