Smart tank level monitoring saves money

Continuously monitoring tank levels allows total control and maximum efficiency

Can MCD match my needs?

You have full control with SiteInfo

Automatic tank gauging system and smart tank level monitoring gives you total control and can save both time and money. You read the levels of your tanks from your computer or mobile phone. With full control over the levels, you eliminate empty tanks, expensive emergency deliveries and potential penalty fees.

In addition, you can optimize the efficiency of tank level and transport planning as well as minimize the health and injury risk for your staff. Last but not least, you contribute to a better environment and a sustainable future as your transports become shorter, which reduces your transport costs and thus your CO2 emissions.

- Quick overview of all plants and all tanks

- Fully customizable information dashboard - from overview to smallest detail

- Measure the levels every ten minutes or whenever you want

- Optimize your transport by up to a third

- Never more empty tanks

- Reduction of incorrect readings and costly returns by up to 90%

SiteInfo communicates with all types of facilities

Regardless of the facility, we have a solution for your needs. All types of tanks can communicate with SiteInfo and give you total control. We tailor a solution that suits your business.

Which solution suits you best?

System Integration

For those with an existing system

  • Import and export via Web APIs
  • Full control of your plant
  • Access to all measurement data in one place
Choose System Integration


For those with high demands

  • Can connect to everything on the market
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Connection via mobile data
Choose SiteMonitor


For you with a slightly smaller site or lower consumption

  • All-in-one solution
  • Battery powered
  • Connection with 2/3/4G
Choose SiteEasy


Suitable for those who want manual reading

  • Manual reading to SiteInfo
  • No investment in new equipment
  • Streamlines delivery planning
Choose SiteBasic