Our Products

Our Products


Communication solution for those with high demands and who need frequent reporting of measurement data.


Battery-powered all-in-one solution that makes it easy to keep track of levels even in distant tanks and without access to electricity.



SiteBasic is a manual feature of SiteInfo for those who do not want automatic level monitoring but still want control over the levels.

Assembly kits

Other products

We also sell products and gadgets from Fafnir och Assytech/Coptron like overfill protection and solenoid.

Full control with Siteinfo

Automatic tank gauging system and smart tank level monitoring gives you total control and can save both time and money. You read the levels of your tanks from your computer or mobile phone. With full control over the levels, you eliminate empty tanks, expensive emergency deliveries and potential penalty fees.

In addition, you can optimize the efficiency of tank level and transport planning as well as minimize the health and injury risk for your staff. Last but not least, you contribute to a better environment and a sustainable future as your transports become shorter, which reduces your transport costs and thus your CO2 emissions.

Molnbaserad nivåövervakning

  • Snabb översikt över alla anläggningar och alla tankar
  • Fullt anpassningsbara informationsvyer – från stort till minsta detalj
  • Mät nivåerna var tionde minut eller när du vill
  • Optimera dina transporter med upp till en tredjedel
  • Aldrig mer tomt i tankarna
  • Reducering av felaktiga avläsningar och kostsamma returer med upp till 90%