Say goodbye to empty tanks and silos

SiteInfo eliminates loss, makes transports more effective and reduces lead times with up to 88%.

Fully Integrated Tank Level Measurement

MCD is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of level measurement.With our smart level measuring systems and our in-house developed communication solution we supply cloud-based level measurement services to companies managing different types of bulk products, in both liquid and solid form.

We supply a fully integrated level measurement system, from the sensor in the tank, to the communication solution and on to our site for level presentation SiteInfo. Throug SiteInfo, you gain complete control of the levels in your tank, deliveries and frequencies, it is then easy to gain access to history and statistics.

We will help you to connect your present level measurement system or replace it with a complete, fully integrated solution.

What do we provide that no one else does?

After more than 30 years in the business of searching for a more effective management of oil, waste, pellets and chemicals we dare to claim that we have learned how to save time and money for our customers and also provide a positive benefit for the environment. No unnecessary waste and more effective deliveries make our job and yours more sustainable.

You gain complete control over the levels in your tanks and your tanks will never run dry again. Furthermore we can promise that you won’t have to deal with manual administration with regard to the refilling of tanks.

It is easy to get started.Contact us and we will tell you how it works

We find it easy to communicate with MCD if something should happen; the company is always on the ball

Eleonor Westman, Ragn-Sells

SiteInfo communicates with all types of facilities

Regardless of the facility, we have a solution for your needs. All types of tanks can communicate with SiteInfo and give you total control. We tailor a solution that suits your business.

Which solution suits you best?


For those with an existing system


Import and export via Web APIs


Full control of your plant


Access to all measurement data in one place


For those with high demands


Can connect to everything on the market


Maintenance-free solution


Connection via mobile data


For you with a slightly smaller site or lower consumption


All-in-one solution


Battery powered


Connection with 2/3/4G


Suitable for those who want manual reading


Manual reading to SiteInfo


No investment in new equipment


Streamlines delivery planning


MCD exhibitor at Lubricant Expo Europe

MCD exhibitor at Lubricant Expo Europe

On the 26-28:th of September you will find part of MCD in Essen, Germany, to attend at the Lubricant Expo Europe. Lubricant Expo is Europe’s largest exhibition and conference, connecting lubricant solution providers with the full range of end-user...

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