What do our customers think?

We have many satisfied customers that have gained substantial benefits by using SiteInfo. Three customers tells their experiences showing the challenges they were facing, how MCD could solve it and what the effects were.

Eleonor Westman, Material and Deposition Engineer as well as Company Admin of SiteInfo at Ragn-Sells will describe the benefits of using SiteInfo.
Together with MCD and SiteInfo, we have minimized the risk of running dry at customer’s sites. Additionally, we are able to optimize our logistics in a revolutionizing way.
Dan Arve Juvik, Mapei AS, tells his experience of utilizing SiteInfo to lower transportation costs but also assuring reliable and consistent deliveries.

Case #1 Ragn-Sells

Then, complexity
Previously, we had to spend a lot of time calling our customers to receive information about the levels of the tanks. Ragn-Sells has many tanks at customer’s sites

Solution MCD/SiteInfo
The stock management SiteInfo provides us with making it possible to plan our collections of waste oil and therefore to schedule our collection routes efficiently.

Now, the effect
Thanks to the increased efficiency, we are saving time and money.

We feel that it is easy to communicate with MCD if some anomaly should occur. MCD is always attentive.

– Eleonor Westman, Ragn-Sells

Case #2 – OKQ8

Then, complexity
We had previously several customers that ordered too late in order for us to supply on time, usually when the tank was already empty. The dry-run made several production lines stop which created huge problems to the customer due to our inability to supply with short lead times.

Solution MCD/SiteInfo
Oil tank monitoring equipment was installed on the customer’s tanks and also giving the possibility to set warning level and alarm levels on each individual tank.

Now, the effect
We have minimized the risk of running dry at a customer’s site, additionally we are able to optimize our scheduling.

SiteInfo is a system that is easy to understand. It is very easy to set individual settings to visualize what you would like to be seen, on the overview page and on the site page on SiteInfo.

– Jennie Eriksson Willefors, Agent Customer Service, OKQ8

Case #3 Mapei

Then, complexity
Mapei produces 21 000 tons of liquid additives for the production of concrete on a yearly basis. The majority of the product is transported with a tanker truck to small and medium-sized concrete factories spread across the Nordics. Without a proper overview of the tank volumes and the associated stocks, it was nearly impossible to schedule an optimal transportation route. The result of not having SiteInfo was unnecessary transportation with unoptimized volumes in the trucks. This generated high costs and an environmental challenge.

Solution MCD/SiteInfo
MCD had through its solution SiteInfo the tool for us to solve our logistics challenge in an easy way without large investments. All the existing tanks, regardless of shape or volume receive a measurement device that gives us a complete overview of the stock and the ullage of the tank. This generates an efficient scheduling of every delivery, giving us the opportunity to increase our delivery of product with the fewest possible driven kilometres.

Nuläge, effekt
The solution has not been fully implemented, but we already see that it brings a substantial positive economic and environmental effect that we aimed for. Our customers also value the solution as it gives them an increased stock management. The end goal is to reduce transportation costs to a minimum, increase environmental effect (reduced CO2) and increased reliability in deliveries.

– Dan Arve Juvik, Manager Concrete Industry Nordic & Baltic, Mapei