SiteEasy – A simple solution for tank level monitoring

Battery powered and simple all-in-one solution

Battery powered, flexible and robust.

SiteEasy is created to make it easier for you as a customer. SiteEasy is a battery-powered all-in-one solution that makes it easy to keep track of levels even in distant tanks and without access to electricity. The modem is easily connected to SiteInfo where you can follow the level in your tank wherever you are.

SiteEasy is a battery-powered and robust modem. It includes SIM card and integrated antenna, and is very easy to install. Mount the pressure sensor, turn on the power and log on to SiteInfo where you can see the level in your tank anytime and anywhere.

With the SiteEasy GPS variant you monitor not only the level, but also the tank location. Current position is detected and registered in SiteInfo every time the level data is communicated.

– Battery powered all-in-one solution

– Connection with 2G / 3G / 4G

– Optimal for tanks in remote locations

– GPS optional

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