Remote measuring made easy

October 1, 2019

SiteEasy is, as the name reveals, created to make it easier for our customers. With the SiteEasy all-in-one-solution you can easily have full control over your levels, by the hour, even in remote areas or installations without access to electricity.

SiteEasy is a battery powered level measuring device which comes with a SIM-card and integrated antenna. SiteEasy is easily connected against SiteInfo where you can follow the level in your tank, by the hour, wherever you are.SiteEasy is easy to install – simply install the unit, turn on the power and log in to to see the contents of your tank. With SiteInfoApp you can also read the levels in your smartphone or tablet. SiteEasy comes with cable and pressure level sensors for easy and fast mounting. Site Easy may also be obtained for mounting with Rochester gauges.

Learn more about SiteEasy here.

Improve efficiency with smart level monitoring

Remote level monitoring gives you better control and saves both time and money. By remote measuring and following the levels in your tank, you can be one step ahead in your planning. You have full control over the levels in your tanks and you will never run dry. In addition, you will improve transport planning as well as minimize the health and injury risk for your staff. And last but not least, you also contribute to a better environment and a sustainable future.

Learn more about smart level monitoring here.