New partners MCD

May 26, 2021

MCD extends a warm welcome to our three newest partners. The companies Schnitzler, Preqas and Germ are all trusted experts within their field, delivering excellent service to customers. Together we will make the everyday business for our joint customers both easier and better.

Together we will help to achieve more efficient transports, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduce lead times and eliminate waste – using smart and innovative technology in remote tank monitoring solutions. Our three new partners will help us in three different markets: Germany, Norway and northern Sweden.

Schnitzler will support MCD in Germany. The company and its staff are experts in planning, establishment and installation of various industrial sites, as well as in customer service and customised solutions. Flexibility, paired with competence and energy, is what makes Schnitzler special. And numerous satisfied customers from the automotive, agricultural, industrial and municipal sectors, makes us at MCD believe that Schnitzler is a great partner.

Preqas will support MCD in Norway, as they provide complete reliable workshop solutions, products and services. They believe, just as we, in supplying the best services and the best solutions. Together we’re a good match for Norway.

Germ supports MCD in the northern Sweden region. The company provides quality products, complete solutions and services for sustainable handling of lubricants and liquids. Always striving for long-term business relationships, we believe that Germ will be a good supplier for the customers, and therefore a perfect partner to MCD.

We’re happy to have you all in partnership with us, and we believe that we together have a prosperous venture ahead of us. If you want to learn more about our partners, please visit our partner page here.

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