Measure Connect Display AB proudly presents our new client Miljövision AB

September 27, 2022

Miljövision AB is a leading Swedish company that specializes in sludge suction and high-pressure flushing. With the help of our fully integrated level monitoring with Siteinfo, they can optimize the efficiency and minimize risks from their phone or computer.

Since the company was founded in 1996, it has grown into a meritorious cleaning company with several important and prestigious certifications, including AAA-rated. Since 2020, Miljövision has also been approved by Fair Transport, which ensures the company’s responsibility to live up to legitimate requirements in traffic safety, emissions and work environment.

“From the very first contact with Martin, I understood that Miljövision is a company, interested in technology. It was extra fun, connecting transport tanks for freshwater. Something we had not done before. Miljövision chose our battery-powered solution with built-in GPS, so now they have full control over both the volumes and where the tanks are located” – Sture Berg, Sales Director, Measure Connect Display AB

“We are very satisfied with Measure Connect Display’s products, it has worked flawlessly since we started using them last spring” – Martin Blomberg, Production Manager / Vehicle Manager, Miljövision AB.

Julia Nylander

Communications  / Marketing

Measure Connect Display AB

In case of any questions, contact:

Measure Connect Display AB

Sture Berg, Sales Director

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