Study trip Colabitoil

October 19, 2018

One autumn day in September we went on a study trip to Colabitoil Sweden AB and their head office at Norrsundet north of Gävle. Colabitoil is a young innovative growth company with a mission to always offer the market’s most sustainable fuel. They distribute, and produce on a small scale, the renewable propellant HVO100.

Following an inspiring corporate presentation by Jan Nordlöf, CEO and Sales and Marketing Manager Niclas Bornegrim, we were shown around in the company’s production facility. MCD’s warmest thanks to Jan and Niclas who showed us their fine company. Read more about Colabitoil Sweden AB at

Colabitoil uses MCD cloud-based level monitoring service SiteInfo. A user-friendly and easy tool for monitoring and controlling product levels in tanks and cisterns.