Silos, tanks & cisterns

MCD has been working with level monitoring for more than 40 years. And with intelligent, secure cloud-based systems for almost 20 years.

SiteInfo – Maintaining full control of silos, cisterns, and tanks

With our systems you have full control of your silos, regardless of content. When it comes to wood pellets, we are the market leader in Sweden, as more than half of all users use our connected systems today. And we can give you this control on all types of silos, including animal feed, granules in all forms, grains and more.

Continuously, safely, and simple

We have developed our level monitoring service Siteinfo ourselves, since 2002 it is cloud-based. It is very easy to manage and requires no local software installations. SiteInfo is constantly updated and always has the latest features. Users have access to SiteInfo everywhere, via a browser on your computer, via mobile, or via a tablet. The service is built for an unlimited number of users, where each person is given customised authorization and access. It is also possible to give external parties access to the service, for example for readings (data mirroring). These include, for example, subcontractors and end customers and more.

Via SiteInfo, the user gets a quick overview of all silos, tanks, and tanks. In the user interface, each individual user can easily customise columns and information regarding all containers. There are also unique opportunities for sorting and filtering of all needs. For example, there is a function for saved searches, which facilitates efficient logistics planning.
Within the system you also see the location and status of all your connected silos, cisterns, and tanks. They are all displayed clearly and distinctively, using Google Maps.

Simple facility control

Using SiteInfo, each user can always see where the facilities are and other contact information. Current and historical data are presented in graphs and tables, that may be downloaded and used for presentations and such. It is also easy to set and configure alarm and warning levels, so that users always get the right information at the right time. This information is provided either via email or text message (or both).

Monitoring system for silos, tanks, and cisterns

Total control and maximum efficiency. Our level monitoring systems allow you to know for sure how, where and when you need to replenish or empty one of your silos, tanks, cisterns, or other containers.